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Laser eye surgery

Well, yesterday I had my 6 month follow up to the PRK I had done in August to correct near-sightedness, approximately 20/200. my vision is now 20/15 and I can see better than I was ever able to see with my glasses or contacts.  I put the surgery off for so long because originally I considered LASIK and the thought of having a flap cut into my cornea so freaked me out that I decided I could live with glasses. But then, I started slowly looking back into the corrective vision surgery and saw that with PRK, they scrape a thin layer of cells from your cornea and the healing process is more natural. Of course, they are scraping your eyeball and that sounds almost as unappealing as getting a flap of cornea sliced up. But my husband had a roommate (in the military) who had gone the PRK route and said that the first few days were tremendously painful and he used lots of drops but his vision was corrected. So I jumped in, willing to experience the 3 or 4 days of excruciating pain to be able to see without glasses. Only now, they put a corneal band aid over the scraped cornea and there’s hardly any pain! (The reason the LASIK is less painful is because the corneal flap covers the exposed eye) But my surgery was six months ago and over that time my vision has slowly gotten better. My first follow up, about a week after the 30 second surgery was 20/35 in my right eye and 20/40 in my left.


So, I am very glad I had the surgery and I wish I would have done it sooner but there is always the possibility that if I had done it sooner they wouldn’t have thought to put band aids on the cornea to prevent the pain. (I don’t know how recently that came about; my husband’s roommate had it done only a few years ago.) Of course, before any elective surgery, blah blah blah. (do your research and decided if it’s right for you – there, my civic duty is done.)

Gotta get back to work now. Lots to do and it’s a sunny day.



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A.C. Warneke

This is the cover of the book I am working now. As soon as this one is done (hopefully soon!) I will get back to writing the second book of the Darkness Comes series so we finally get to find out what happens next. I am still waiting for my book giveaway at goodreads to go through. When that is up, I’ll post it so readers can sign up to win a hard copy of Darkness Comes.

(yeah – the blurb is wrong: I’ll have to redo that when I’m not half asleep)

2nd day in

So, this is the second day I have had a blog; I feel like I should post something but all of the activity in my brain is focused elsewhere. I tried to convince my sons to manage the blog for me but the oldest said all of his posts would be about zombies or COD:MW3 Infection, which combines his love of zombies with his love of shooter games. My other son said he’d write about ninjas and pirates and gorillas. And pokemon. My daughter would write about dance and horses and use the forum to try to have everyone convince me that buying her a pony is the right thing to do. She’s not allowed anywhere near this blog because she can be very convincing and I don’t want to buy a pony.

So, I continue to work on new stories, polishing up old ones and generally trying to figure out what I am doing on the computer. Until recently, I figured a computer was really just a glorified word processor and juke box; now I am discovering all sorts of interesting things it can do. I shouldn’t be surprised – my husband has been working with computers for as long as I have known him, which is an exceedingly long time.

well, then, I guess it’s back to work I go.

Hello world!

I am totally winging this interwebs thing in the hopes of connecting with the readers of my novels, of which one is currently available. There is a steep learning curve and I am at the bottom of the mountain looking up and scratching my chin and wondering what the heck I was thinking going the route of self-publishing. But it is exciting and if I don’t get too discouraged, I will scale that mountain!