So, this is the second day I have had a blog; I feel like I should post something but all of the activity in my brain is focused elsewhere. I tried to convince my sons to manage the blog for me but the oldest said all of his posts would be about zombies or COD:MW3 Infection, which combines his love of zombies with his love of shooter games. My other son said he’d write about ninjas and pirates and gorillas. And pokemon. My daughter would write about dance and horses and use the forum to try to have everyone convince me that buying her a pony is the right thing to do. She’s not allowed anywhere near this blog because she can be very convincing and I don’t want to buy a pony.

So, I continue to work on new stories, polishing up old ones and generally trying to figure out what I am doing on the computer. Until recently, I figured a computer was really just a glorified word processor and juke box; now I am discovering all sorts of interesting things it can do. I shouldn’t be surprised – my husband has been working with computers for as long as I have known him, which is an exceedingly long time.

well, then, I guess it’s back to work I go.