For me, no; just the same old, same old. The kids are re-watching stargate:sg-1 – I don’t know if they will make it through all ten seasons and the two movies but they’ll give it a go. And if they do make it through, they may do an Atlantis marathon. but next week all tv viewing will be put on hold as their daddy comes home for R+R from across the sea. he only has two weeks home before he has to head back but we are all excited to see him and have a lot planned, even though I had wanted to have nothing planned so he could actually rest and relax. I am trying to slog my way through a book but I am having difficulty concentrating. Every time that opening bars of the stargate theme come on I find myself wondering out to the living room to see which episode is up; if it’s one that I particularly enjoyed I’ll sit and watch – and since they are all enjoyable….