So, I am still figuring out this whole indie publishing thing. When i started out I was eager and stupid, now I am slightly less stupid and my author page has changed??? instead of acwarneke it is just awarneke – if you want to get to the correct page. As I said – I’m still figuring things out. The books are all good to go at this point. I added corrections to Darkness Comes a few weeks back and I requested amazon send out a notice in regards to said corrections but i have not yet heard back from them…. Blight’s corrections were very minor and don’t change the story at all. Stone Lover had some major work done (an additional 2688 words – I have NO idea how that happened) and i haven’t broadcasted it yet because of formatting issues I had been having on getting the books ready for the kindle AND the kindle fire but it’s all good now. I will be doing a giveaway soon for Stone Lover and of course Blight is being given away on St. Patrick’s Day.