Wow; more stone lovers have been given away in a day and a half than Blight in 3 days AND Darkness Comes in 5 days. Wow. I’m speechless; stunned. Amazon makes it WAY too easy to track sales and a person can get obsessed (what are you looking at? ahem – raises hand) tracking their sale moment to moment. Last night I was exhausted and still stayed up to see how many times I could click the sales button  and watch the numbers go up. It was fun – I would click it and a few minutes later click it again and 3-4 more books have been “bought.” For an hour I sat there doing this, giggling each time the numbers went up. Giggling is not conducive for sleep. I hope that of those who downloaded it, there will be plenty who read it and love it. Blight, which is free today, is slowly -SLOWLY- trickling up in sales.  Stone Lover is at #8 in fantasy romance; darkness comes made it to #13 briefly so I’m pretty psyched. We’ll see how it goes. Plus, there is still a day and a half left of this free promotion – with an additional two days that I can do later.