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I am moving everything over to so I don’t think I will be updating this page very often and if you come here type the new address into the search bar to get to the correct site.


I am kind of an idiot – I haven’t posted yet that I am also doing a Stone Lover hard copy giveaway on goodreads. I have posted it elsewhere and somewhere in my mind I must have assumed I posted it here as well. How weird is that? I am pleased to say that it was a temporary brain malfunction that has hopefully been fixed. Until the next time it happens! So, the contest runs until April 21 and five copies will be given away.

Also, the Blight giveaway is also going on until April 21st.

So, hubby was home for two weeks on his R+R and I must say, two weeks is NOT enough time. It takes that long just to get used to having him backĀ  – and then he is gone and I have to wait five to six months before he returns home. Hopefully it will be a while before his next deployment – and hopefully his next deployment won’t be a year long one. I fall into a funk when he goes but I do not envy him; we just go about our lives, counting down the days until he gets to come home. Unfortunately, time has made a habit of flying way too fast, and while that means he will return to us sooner, it means time is flying way too fast and that is a difficult thing to deal with. We have the rest of spring and all of summer to enjoy and I don’t want to rush it….