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new amazon author page


So, I am still figuring out this whole indie publishing thing. When i started out I was eager and stupid, now I am slightly less stupid and my author page has changed??? instead of acwarneke it is just awarneke – if you want to get to the correct page. As I said – I’m still figuring things out. The books are all good to go at this point. I added corrections to Darkness Comes a few weeks back and I requested amazon send out a notice in regards to said corrections but i have not yet heard back from them…. Blight’s corrections were very minor and don’t change the story at all. Stone Lover had some major work done (an additional 2688 words – I have NO idea how that happened) and i haven’t broadcasted it yet because of formatting issues I had been having on getting the books ready for the kindle AND the kindle fire but it’s all good now. I will be doing a giveaway soon for Stone Lover and of course Blight is being given away on St. Patrick’s Day.

Hello, gargoyle!


Yay – I finally got Stone Lover up. It would have been up a little while ago but Blight swooped in and demanded publication. It will probably be a little while before I get a fourth book up because I have to write it!

Seriously, I have no idea. I was working on Stone Lover – I sent in the files and received the proof on Wednesday then I stayed up all night last night inputting the changes into the computer – and somewhere along the way, 2,688 words appeared. It’s really weird. I am terrified that I copied and pasted an entire chapter but I raced through the book while scrolling through the newly changed files and… no repeats. I am putting it up on kindle as I write – I guess I must have added a lot more content than I thought I did. It happens – it was very late and I was very tired (I even complained about this is my last blog entry , which looking back on it, is full of errors.) Seriously, 2,688 words. How weird is that?

so, i am trying to get the interior of my book to look nice but because I have changed the gutter so it’s not so lopsided it no longer uploads the way it looks when it is on my computer. if i use the right gutter, the printing is way to the sides but it uploads correctly. it is very late, i have been working on inputting the corrections all day and I am very tired. grr. oh well, i can always do it in the morning but i won’t be able to go to sleep unless this is done. i need to learn to step away from a project and get back to it when i am less sleepy.

For me, no; just the same old, same old. The kids are re-watching stargate:sg-1 – I don’t know if they will make it through all ten seasons and the two movies but they’ll give it a go. And if they do make it through, they may do an Atlantis marathon. but next week all tv viewing will be put on hold as their daddy comes home for R+R from across the sea. he only has two weeks home before he has to head back but we are all excited to see him and have a lot planned, even though I had wanted to have nothing planned so he could actually rest and relax. I am trying to slog my way through a book but I am having difficulty concentrating. Every time that opening bars of the stargate theme come on I find myself wondering out to the living room to see which episode is up; if it’s one that I particularly enjoyed I’ll sit and watch – and since they are all enjoyable….


Follow the link to find Blight on kindle for $2.99. It will be available in paperback soonish for $13.95

It will be free this weekend (3/9 & 3/10) and on St.Patrick’s Day (3/17)

I have uploaded the files to Kindle and to createspace and it will be live shortly-ish!! Blight is the first book I completed and the first that I have let others read; it has been edited many, many times through out the years and it is finally ready for public consumption, but only for those not easily offended. There is a lot of swearing because Beck is a warrior, she leads a hard life of fighting the Blight; she drinks too much and she revels in the kill. The story is told in the first person, from Beck’s point of view and I love it.

These are the covers for my Blight series. I like how they turned out – very atmospheric. I am not sure when the books will be ready – i have written and re-written Blight so many times and After Blight is only about 3/4 done. Yeah – I know that I need to get back to work on book 2 of Darkness Comes – and book 2 and 3 of the Stone Passion series and Demon’s Blood – which I have 2 1/2 chapters written. I just enjoy making book covers so much and I spend WAAAAY too much time on them, staying up way too late and making a ton of different covers with slight variations to HUGE variations. I am also limited by windows paint and HP photo editing software; if I had photoshop I am sure that I would create hundreds of covers for each book and i would get no writing done at all. So it’s good that my tools are limited. Apparently I like bright, bold colors…. It’s a little weird since the books are a little dark.

I keep going to the store but the bananas are either very green with brown spots or nearly black with just a hint of yellow. I ordered my proof today and it should arrive in the next couple of days and then I will go through it and fix what needs to be fixed and then okay it for publication. I will be putting it on the kindle once I have done a final edit; I will probably do the amazon exclusive for the 90 days to get the 5 days of free giveaway to gin up interest and after that I will look into the other outlets…. There is life outside of Amazon. I will be doing another book giveaway on goodreads once it is good to go.