Today was my daughter’s 10th birthday and it has been a great day. My family came down on Thursday and we have been having a wonderful visit and we also got to celebrate my dad’s birthday yesterday. The best surprise was the fact that my sister and nephew showed up unexpectedly and I have gotten to talk to her face to face instead of on the phone. I wish we lived closer – preferably somewhere warm; my Minnesotan blood has grown thin from living in North Carolina. Also of great excitement is having the hubby home for R+R during this time. Two handfuls is an important birthday.

Ten years ago I went to my doctor’s appointment and he said that I would probably be late, and since I wasn’t due for another week, I went home thinking there was plenty of time to finalize labor plans. No. My daughter decided that she was ready to come out that night. So I went into labor on my dad’s birthday but, again, my daughter decided she wanted her own birthday so she held off. And ten years later she is still the princess and I have absolutely loved every single moment of it! It was a Tangled birthday, with many Rapunzel presents, her favorite Disney princess. We even watched the movie, since it was Rapunzel’s birthday, too. 🙂

It has been a phenomenal weekend. And I have gotten absolutely no work done on any of the many stories I want to write.